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Re: [PATCH 2/2] Add ${==spec} syntax more discoverable in docs

ivan tkachenko wrote on Thu, 23 Sep 2021 12:31 +00:00:
> Also, I'd like to note that other sections of the Expansion chapter 
> such as "14.3.1 Parameter Expansion Flags" need some template 
> decorations too. I mean, try to search the page for, let's say, a 
> letter "t".

+1.  We _could_ add parentheses around the flags, e.g.,
«item(+LPAR()%+RPAR())» rather than «item(%)», so grepping for one-letter
flags would be easier.  We already do this in the prompt expansion
expandos documentation, for instance.  Would you like to do the honours?

FWIW, I think most of us generally search for «t» as a whole word, or
use the man page and search for /^ *t\>/ (or perhaps fgrep the
documentation sources for «item(tt(t»…).

> Unless you are a *NIX shell guru and know exactly where and 
> what to look for, you are toast.

Well, one does need to know what part of the documentation to read, but
that doesn't require or imply being a guru.

> Readability and discoverability of this documentation can/should be
> improved by a lot.

Any specific observations or suggestions?



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