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Re: [RFC] Add xfail tests for || form of completion matchers

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> That's not how it works.  Documented semantics are API promises that
> should be presumed to be used in the wild.  Any change that may break
> anybody's proverbial spacebar heating is an incompatible change and
> should be treated accordingly (avoided if possible, and failing that,
> clearly documented for upgraders, designed with a reasonable failure
> mode for old code on new zsh, etc.).

The existing documentation and implementation don't entirely match.
Following the history of the feature including original list posts, I
think it is fairly clear what the intended behaviour is supposed to be.
The behaviour has inconsistencies, quirks and bugs and even determining
what the behaviour is in a form that could be documented is not easy.
Many of your questions do have answers buried in the long thread that
started this.

I'm happy to see better documentation and test cases will make it easier
on anyone brave enough to attempt to fixup issues. I've not had a chance
to review the patch properly but will do.


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