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Re: [RFC] Add xfail tests for || form of completion matchers

This is just some initial comments. I'll delve into this in more detail
at a later date.

On 12 Oct, Marlon Richert wrote:

> +By default, characters in the string to be completed (referred to here as the
> +command line) map only onto identical characters in the list of matches
> +produced by the completion code (referred to here as the trial completions) and
> +missing characters are inserted only at the cursor position, if the shell
> +option tt(COMPLETE_IN_WORD) is set, or at the end of the command line,
> +otherwise.  However, it is possible to modify this behavior by use of the

I'm fairly sure that if complete_in_word is unset, missing characters
are still allowed at the cursor position. It has the effect of treating
the rest of the word after the cursor as being a separate following
word. I think the code even adds a fake space in for some paths to
achieve this.

Is "trial completions" the best term we can come up with? Where it
occurs in singular form it isn't obvious that it doesn't refer to what
is on the command-line. I tend use "candidate matches". With the term
"matches" for those that remain following matching. Or does anyone have
other ideas? "completions" is already rather overloaded because it is
also used for completion definitions for commands.


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