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Re: PATCH: separate watch/log functionality out into a module

Jun T wrote:
> With this patch (either with or without the one in worker/49544⁩),
> build fails on Cygwin as follows:

Thanks for catching this.

> A simple workaround is to set the .gsu in the setup_() function.
> This takes virtually no time to execute and I think we don't need to use
> #ifdef __CYGWIN__.

That sounds reasonable to me.

That is assuming I didn't get something wrong when tagging visibility
on the structs and their members. I wouldn't have complete faith in
the build system to adapt to those changes so, if you didn't already,
start with an absolutely clean build.

colonarr_gsu did change from static to mod_export along with the get and
set function it includes. vararray_gsu didn't change other than in
being referenced from a module. Looking for other examples, I'm not
really finding any. Modules otherwise only include variables with
access functions that are unique to them.


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