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Re: Feature Request: completion for history events

On Thu, Dec 29, 2022 at 4:41 AM Hendrik Jaeger
<ml_zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want to request a feature: completion for history events.

The usual ways to do this aren't exactly what you're envisioning.

The first way is, instead of starting out by typing "!", simply type
ESC-/ (the default binding for the _history_complete_word widget).

Another way is to add _history to your completer zstyle so that
history words are included when you type TAB.  Again you would not
start with "!", instead you'd type a few letters of the word you want,
or just hit TAB and find the word in the resulting list.  E.g.:
  zstyle ':completion:*' completer _oldlist _expand _complete _history

Both of these are going to help you find the word you want and insert
the word directly, rather than completing a history event designator.
If you actually want to see a list of history events, we can build
something more complicated by stealing a bit of the guts of the _fc
completion function:

# --8< --
_complete_history_event () {
  local -a events expl
  local num cmd
  if [[ $words[CURRENT] = '!'(|-) ]]
    for num cmd in "${(kv@)history}"
      (( num=num - HISTNO ))
      events+=("${(r.1+$#HISTNO.)num} -- $cmd")
    _wanted -2V events expl "history event" compadd -Q -ld events -
"${events[@]%% *}" &&
      compstate[list]="list force"
    return 1
_mainly_complete_history() {
  _main_complete _complete_history_event || _main_complete
zle -C complete-word .complete-word _mainly_complete_history
bindkey '\t' complete-word
# -->8 --

There's probably a better way to do that, the above is a quick hack
devised by looking at the _complete_debug output for "fc -".

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