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Re: PATCH: support for italic and faint fonts from region_highlight

On 1/6/23, Oliver Kiddle <opk@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> It was brought to my attention that turning faint on does have a termcap
> entry - mh or terminfo dim.
> I've attached a replacement for this patch to use this which also adds
> a function for combining two attribute sets allowing for priority over
> colour and font weight to go to one of the sets. This will get even more
> use in the next update for handling leftover attributes from the prompt.

I didn't check exactly which of your patches caused this problem, but
i'll reply here.

% zsh -f
% zle_highlight=( default:bg=blue )
[hit enter until you're at the bottom of the terminal]
% cat

Now the whole bottom line is just filled with blue, which it should
not be. Similar artifacts sometimes happen when the completion
continuation prompt is shown ("At Top: Hit space for more..."), and I
also noticed in some circumstances when I hit alt-m to start menu
selection, the selected entry is not showed highlighted until I move
it once or hit ^L, but I don't have a minimal reproducer for those

Mikael Magnusson

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