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Re: #% anchoring doesn't work with (S)

It does have sense to match shortest and anchor to #%, it simply moves the "weight" on the right side of the pattern, i.e. "ABC" == (?)* vs ABC == *(?) (not very correct, but shows the thought).

On Thu, 2 Feb 2023 at 10:32, Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2/2/23, Sebastian Gniazdowski <sgniazdowski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Could the bug be fixed? It already makes #% pretty much unusable for a
> backward compatible software, yet in say 4 years this would be changed, if
> the bug would be fixed today

Why would you use (S) (shortest possible match) with #% (match the
entire string)? It will obviously never have a useful effect other
than doing nothing.

That said, compgetmatch() does this, which is probably your problem
(it gives no real motivation for why it does this)
     * Search is anchored to the end of the string if we want to match
     * it all, or if we are matching at the end of the string and not
     * using substrings.
    if ((*flp & SUB_ALL) || ((*flp & SUB_END) && !(*flp & SUB_SUBSTR)))
        patflags &= ~PAT_NOANCH;

Mikael Magnusson

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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