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New component in Zsh Angel System

I would like to announce new component in zsh angel toolkit:

- `angel open` - this command (aliased to `apo`) will open a TUI with
all files listed, with ability to preview them with syntax
highlighting, and opening editor on selected line; one can also grep
the file's lines,

Also, one can use output of a command, e.g.: git ls-files | apo

The advantages over fzf:
- the preview is a separate view, browseable,
- positions of cursor in the preview are saved for each file separately,
- one can open a file at the selected position in the preview,
- one can search/grep the preview contents of the file, and still open
at the correct position in it.

The project is written in 100% Zsh, with use of ZUI text-mode UI library:
- https://github.com/psprint/zsh-angel-iq-system
Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author