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Re: ISO Latin [12] characters and zsh

Jozsef Kadlecsik (kadlec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote on 18 May 1995 12:18:
 >On Thu, 18 May 1995 P.Stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 >> kadlec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 >> > Hello,
 >> > 
 >> > I cannot type ISO Latin-[1|2] characters at the prompt of zsh. I was
 >> > told that it's impossible to type in these extra characters - is it true?
 >> Not completely, at least if you have an xterm, but it's a bit hit and
 >> miss even there.  You can enable 8 bit mode (which you need for the -m
 >> flag of bindkey), then type ^V, then some key with the meta key
 >> pressed down.  For example, small e with an acute accent is \C-v\M-i
 >> (in Emacs language), and holding down shift at the same time has the
 >> obvious effect.
 >And what is the solution if the keys are remapped by xmodmap?
 >Zsh beeps if I press the key of aacute, for example.
 >On Linux I remapped the keys of the console also, so in an editor I can
 >type in everything in character mode. But typeing at the prompt zsh beeps 
 >as in xterm... 

I don't understand what the problem is. Just use the compose key...


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