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numeric brace expansion

>From zshexpn.1:
     An expression of the form {n1..n2},  where  n1  and  n2  are
     integers,  is  expanded  to  every number between n1 and n2,
     inclusive.  If either number begins with  a  zero,  all  the
     resulting numbers will be padded with leading zeroes to that
     minimum width.  If the numbers are in decreasing  order  the
     resulting sequence will also be in decreasing order.

This doesn't work at all for me.
>echo {01..03}
. 0 1 3

I figure there has to be some option I haven't set.  Could someone clue 
me in here?

allexport appendhistory autocd automenu autonamedirs autopushd braceccl
cdablevars completeinword cshjunkieparen extendedglob globdots hashcmds
hashdirs hashlistall histignoredups ignoreeof interactive interactivecomments
listtypes menucomplete monitor nonomatch notify pathdirs pushdignoredups
pushdminus pushdsilent pushdtohome shinstdin zle


Gerald Skerbitz <gsker@xxxxxxxxxxx> U of MN Med School Admin 6-5379

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author