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Re: zsh and color

Andrew Cosgriff writes:

> Richard Coleman <coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >I don't forsee this happening any time soon.  There are too many other
> >things still in the pipeline that need to be done.  Also, I don't like
> >the idea of adding features to the baseline that would only be used by
> >people on a particular OS.
> It's not actually OS-specific - the patch to gnu's ls uses ANSI escape 
> sequences to set the colors

Colour escape sequences are also avaliable from termcap/terminfo
databases, although they are rarely documented even for colour capable
terminal types. So colour can be added quite generically, with no
special hacks (setopt use_ansi_colour, although you might want a
setopt use_colour). And somehow you need to specify what colours mean

Personally, I think this can be implemented best in compctl, e.g. If
you complete with the following rule, colour the completed word to
colour x.

Doesn't sound too hard either....

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