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Re: zsh script can't find zsh binary?

:Jose Unpingco writes:
:> I have a very simple script. It looks like this..
:> #!/home/sunshine/grad/unpingco/bin/zsh
:> echo 'hey'
:> when I try to invoke it on the command line as
:> zsh> cf.zsh
:> I get 
:> zsh: command not found: cf.zsh
:This looks like a classic case of the interpreter exec line being too
:long! One of the sillier features of unix lookalikes.
:There is usually a limit on how long the #! line can be, 32 characters
:or so. The error message always complains it can't find the script
:file, not the interpreter. You've passed the length limit. This is a
:kernel problem, rather than zsh. :-)

This isn't the problem here.  The limit is 64 characters, and the message for
exceeding this is: "exec format error". (It has nothing to do with the kernel)
Another possibility could be that the program's not in his path, and he should
do ./cf.zsh
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