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Re: When the documentation will be updated?

>  Can I ask a question? When can we see the new documentation for zsh 2.6?

The man pages should generally be up to date.  The info files
and the introductory paper "intro.ms" are currently out of
date.  I will not have time to update them (unless someone
volunteers to help me on this) until right before the next
production release.  I will always keep the base document format
(which is currently the man pages) up to date as changes are

I've looked at various ways to make it easier to keep all the
different formats up to date.  I've looked at using the pod format
(which the perl guys use for perl5) and sgml (which the linux
documentation project [LDP] uses), but they each lack something I
would like to have.  Currently I like best the sgml that the LDP uses,
but the disadvantage there would be that we would no longer have
man pages.  They have automatic converters to ascii text, html,
and postscript, but not man pages.  Since the documentation to zsh
has grown so big, this might actually be the best way to go, but
I'm still not sure.  I've also thought about putting the docs
in latex2e and just have postscript and ascii available.  This would
probably looked the nicest and could eventually lead to a book on
zsh (which I've considered writing).

What do you think?

Richard Coleman

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