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Re: accessing full command line

Zefram wrote:
> >I would like to know if there is any way (e.g. an undocumented
> >feature or a source code patch) in zsh to access the full
> >command line passed to a function or alias. For example, if
> >'foo' is a function, and I type
> >
> >	foo "blah blah $$" $XYZ
> >
> >I'd like to (inside 'foo') have access to the string '"blah blah $$" $XYZ'
> >as it was typed.
> No, there's no way.  But if all you want to do is inhibit globbing, you
> could do
> alias foo="noglob foo"

I would like to inhibit globbing as well as quote removal.
(never mind that the example implies I'd like to inhibit variable
interpolation too. It was a poorly chosen example).

Some may ask, "and why the hell would you want to do THAT?".
The reason is, I'm trying to use zsh for some "unusual"
purposes.  For example, I open a co-process to an interactive
application and use a zsh subshell with a small set of aliases
and functions to act as a gateway between the user and the
application, thus providing history, completion, editing, etc
and allowing a brain-dead application to be useable. (I could
also use 'vared', but I was told that vared's history feature
is actually a bug, so I conclude it'll be removed in the future).

This is a very powerful use of zsh, which is not paralleled by any
other utility I know of. (the closest thing would be Perl with a
GNU Readline extension). For this I compliment the zsh developers!

How hard would it be to implement setopts for "NoQuoteRemoval" and
"VaredHistory"? If someone can point me in the right direction, I
may be able to produce some patches for that..

Alex Ramos
(918) 561-6299

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