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Re: nul character ^@ (set-mark-command) binding ignored

> Did you try, for instance:
>   bindkey '\000' down-case-word

Ok, just tried it.  It does not work.  The command shows up in the

  bindkey | head -1
  "^@"    down-case-word

but nothing happens when I send that character.  It is as if something
somewhere along the input chain is swallowing up that particular
character.  It would seem to be in the zsh chain, as when I run the
command cat -v and press control-space a few times:

  cat -v


In another experiment, I tried to use ^V to escape the ^@ and put the
nul character into the command: no go.  The control-V escapes whatever
character I type *after* the control-@.  If I type control-V,
control-space, then carriage-return, I get ^M on the command line.
The nul character is just swallowed up and ignored.

I'm wondering if it is something with the way zsh interacts with the
HP-UX tty driver?  Doesn't anyone else running HP-UX 9.05 experience
this problem?

Here is the output of stty -g:


If you run the stty command with this as an argument (on HP-UX, at
least), you will end up with the same exact stty settings that I have.
If someone else running HP-UX 9.05 (and doesn't have this problem)
could run stty -g and send me the results, then I could try those
settings and see if problem goes away.


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