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Re: appendhistory and history file truncation

>> On Sat, 21 Oct 1995 03:58:32 -0400,
>> Danek Duvall(DD) wrote:
DD> I'm having a problem wherein whenever I start up an invocation of zsh
DD> (2.6 beta10), my history file gets wiped.  It doesn't happen when
DD> NO_RCS is set (if I do zsh -f).  It seems that even though
DD> APPENDHISTORY is set, savehistfile() ends up opening the file mode
DD> O_TRUNC on line 1471 of hist.c (at least, I think this is the
DD> culprit).  Perhaps this line should be rewritten as the block in lines
DD> 1420-1423.

DD> I checked beta11-test10, and it hasn't been fixed.

Zoltan and Peter have sent fixes for this in

	archive/latest/373 (also in 337)


Please try to incorparate these in beta11, Richard. For those of us
who are exec'ing the latest betas out of a startup script it's very
unpleasant to lose your history each time you log in. It's very
difficult to do my real work without history, consequently I haven't
been stress testing the baseline betas since this bug appeared.


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