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How to find real resource usage?

I have just installed zsh2.6beta11 on the three platforms
we have running in our CS dept. I was wondering if anyone
knew of good way to find out the real size and memory usage
of a program, specifically zsh, tcsh, and bash.
I use the following systems
rs6000s running AIX 3.2
sparc5s running solaris2.4
sparc5s running sunos4.1.4

Also, I am trying to get zsh to be supported by the local Unix
staff and was wondering if anybody could give some ideas as
to what advantages zsh has that a sysadmin would be interested
in. Not only for their own use, but things like lower or smarter
resource use, fewer install headaches...

Respond via email please, unless you think others might be interested
in your posting.

Thanks in advance.

           Joseph E. Trent <*> House of Chaos <*> UT ACM Secretary

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author