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Re: Zsh Copyright

> I am a zsh fan, although I'm not subscribed to this list so I'd appreciate a
> private response.
> I have a question about the copyright status of Zsh, because I would like to
> redistribute a prepackaged version of the software in both source and binary
> form for the Debian/GNU Linux project. In order to be included, the software
> must be able to be freely modified and redistributed without restriction.
> Anyone must be able to make copies of it, modify it, redistribute it with
> their modifications in place, include it on a CD-ROM, or generally sell it.

I've have been given permission by the original copyright holder
to change the copyright of zsh to a Berkeley style copyright.
This change happened after the release of zsh-2.5.03, but
the beta releases for the next release contain this type of
copyright message.  I don't know the timetable for the Debian
group, but I would suggest either wait for the next release, or
use zsh-2.6-beta12 in their distribution (beta12 is already more
stable than the last production release).  There is precedent
for this, as the FreeBSD group uses zsh-2.6-beta10 in their
ports collection.

If you have any more questions about this, you can send them directly
to me.

Richard Coleman         (Coordinator, Zsh Development Group)

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