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bugs in zsh 2.6b12?

Hi, all -
	I've been using zsh 2.6 beta 12 for some time now and have found two 
possible bugs (the platform is SCO OpenServer Release 5).  
	1)  When tab-completing on ambiguous filenames, if the base of the completion 
is an entire filename, possible completions are listed twice (i have autolist set), 
ie:  if 'zsh-2.6b12' (a directory) and 'zsh-2.6b12.tar.gz' are completed upon from 
'zsh-[TAB]', I get two listings of completions.  This also happens randomly with 
other completions (ie 'echo $ZSH_[TAB]' doubly lists ZSH_VERSION and ZSH_NAME).
	2)  I have correct and correctall set, and very often perfectly valid command 
names are 'corrected', ie: 'trn' gets caught and it is suggested that maybe 'tr' is 
what I desired, but both trn and tr are in my path. (in this case trn is later in my 
path than tr, but its happened the other way around too).  Ignoring the 'correction' 
runs the command as expected.
	Any ideas?
Many thanks,
Adam R. Paul - apaul@xxxxxxx (home), adamp@xxxxxxx (work)
http://www.got.net/~apaul/ (web)

"And I shall turn your eyes into tears, when all that's left are the
hollows of devotion ..." - Death In June

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