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Permission denied instead of command not found

I noticed that in all zsh-2.6 releases (I don't know about 2.5), from beta1
to beta12, if you have an unreadable directory in your path, instead of
"Command not found", zsh prints "Permission denied", whenever I type a
command not in hash table.

Script started on Fri Dec 15 18:29:11 1995

jagor% PATH=/bin:/usr/bin

jagor% ls

INBOX       arch        cpp         lib         perlprogs   text
Mail        bin         crontab     man         pics        typescript
News        bur         hrv         mfilt       shellprogs  util
apr         c           lex         msw         site-lisp   wc

jagor% iofehwioh

zsh: command not found: iofehwioh

jagor% mkdir blah

jagor% chmod 000 blah

jagor% PATH=$PATH:blah

jagor% echo $PATH


jagor% cjwowepjcew

zsh: permission denied: cjwowepjcew

jagor% gbur

zsh: permission denied: gbur


script done on Fri Dec 15 18:30:09 1995

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http://www.srce.hr/~hniksic/ |  University of Zagreb, Croatia
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author