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Re: MH command completion problems

John Harres wrote:
> I've been a happy user of Peter Stephenson's mh completion commands, but
> I've noticed a problem that I hoped someone might know the solution to.
> When I do a:
> folder +work/
> and then hit <tab>, all I get is "folder +work//", and any subsequent
> <tab>'s just add slashes.  Nothing is listed below either.
> Suggestions?

I've noticed the slash sometimes gets doubled, which I've never
tracked down, but I think it's internal to zle_tricky.c (some
confusion with suffixes?), since if you type one slash and list the
completions with ^D, they appear correct.  I haven't seen it fail to
complete subfolders, however.  I presume there is more than one
subfolder, so it can't start a completion.  It should still be able to
autolist, though.

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