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getquery() complaint (3.0.2)


Sorry if this has been discussed already, but could the new strict
behavior of getquery() be made an option which I can turn off?
Right now, if I have spelling correction on, and I do something like
"cp whatever file2" I might get a prompt like "zsh: correct `whatever' to
`file1'?"  But I don't mean file1, I mean file2; file1 is some other
file I want to keep.

Unfortunately, I don't notice the spelling correction prompt until I'm
well into typing the next command, and as soon as I hit a space, zsh
does the correction and executes the command, and my file is toast.
This has happened at least twice.

I've fixed my copy of zsh so that if I hit f or some other character,
it assumes 'n' rather than waiting for me to type valid input.  But I
thought it could be made an option in the future.  There's probably
some compctl trick I could use to fix this too; I'll look into that.

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