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Re: How to kill string but leave it in history?

Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> 1. It doesn't work with multiline command (sorry, I had to be more precise
> on this). E.g.

This gets tricky, because there's currently no reliable way of going to the
beginning/end of the buffer or even of the line:  if you're there already,
the corresponding commands take you somewhere else.  So I've just set it
to go to 100 end/beginning of lines to get to the end/beginning of the
buffer.  That's not very nice.  Perhaps Zefram has some plans for this.

bindkey -s '\C-X\C-H' '\M-1\M-0\M-0\C-e\C-@\M-1\M-0\M-0\C-a print -s \M-"\C-M'

> 2. It echows the whole command (well, rather cosmetic).

There's no builtin command you can use, so you have to trick it somehow.
I can't see any way of avoiding this.

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