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problem with bold prompt


This is a problem I've been fighting with for a long time, and which I only
recently began to grasp, when it got worse after I upgraded from 2.5.03 to
3.0.2. :) 

My prompt is defined as:
	export PS1="^[[1m${HOSTNAME}:^[[m%d) "
so that it appears as:
where the "rom" is bold.

It looks like zsh is counting the formatting characters as printable
characters on the command-line.  Under 2.5.03, this would screw up
command-recall, and ctrl-U line clearing.  

For instance, at the prompt (where # indicates the location of the cursor):
   rom:/home/willday/src/done/zsh-2.5.03) #
hitting "ESC /" would move the cursor over seven characters:
   rom:/home/willday/src/done/zsh-2.5.03)        #
which corresponds to the seven non-printable characters in my prompt

Lines recalled with "/" would be printed at the 7-char offset:
   rom:/home/willday/src/done/zsh-2.5.03)        ls -dlF INSTALL README doc etc 
   examples help src

Lines recalled with just "ESC -" would not be offset, but command-line editing
would be screwed up.  For instance, "ESC - b b b b" should bring up the line,
and go back 4 words, placing the cursor at "etc".  Instead, it ends up 7
chars off, in the middle of "example":
   rom:/home/willday/src/done/zsh-2.5.03) ls -dlF INSTALL README doc etc exa#ple
   s help src

Under 3.0.2, it now also clears the line and starts overwriting when I reach
the right margin.  For instance, a line that should look like this:
   rom:/home/willday/src/done/zsh-3.0.2) ls -dlF INSTALL README Doc Etc Misc Src
ends up looking like this:
   isc Src Util
which makes it most unusable.

It doesn't seem to matter what terminal type I'm using (xterm, mac vt100,
linux console), nor which formatting codes I use (^[[34m for blue, etc), 
but the offset does always correspond to the number of non-printable
characters in the prompt.

I managed to hack 3.0.2's zle_refresh.c to behave like 2.0.5 did in this
regard (that is, not to clear the line), so at least it's now usable again.
:)  But I don't know enough about the code to go in and fix the problem.  

Will Day       <PGP mail preferred>      OIT, Georgia Tech, Atlanta 30332-0715
willday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx               http://rom.oit.gatech.edu/~willday/
     =-> Opinions expressed are mine alone and do not reflect OIT policy <-=
Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary 
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
    Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania Assembly, Nov. 11, 1755

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: noconv
Comment: http://rom.oit.gatech.edu/~willday/pubkey.asc


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