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Re: Man pages missing

 (brown@xxxxxxxx) wrote:
> <No, it's not too much.  What's too much is to have to handle too
> <different documentation format, and sync them all the time.
> I commented to RC separately about the documentation.  Personally I think
> the man pages and the manual should be separated.  The man pages should be
> very brief, to the point that the zsh man page could be only a couple of
> pages long.

This is the approach some programs use (e.g. elm), and some not
(Perl, Emacs[1]).  It is simply a matter of choice; I like the choice
zsh developers made.

> Using FrameMaker would also allow for the document to be turned into a PDF
> file for on-line help.  Frankly, the current help files are old fashioned.
> A state-of-the-art shell needs state-of-the-art manuals.

I don't see anything wrong with the "old-fashioned" help currently
used.  Before thinking about converting to something different, one
should think about all the advantages of PDF over TexInfo?  Is there a
freely available viewer for PDF files?  Can they be viewed on a text

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