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Re: Man pages missing

Zefram writes:

> For me, it's much more effective to have all the documentation in one
> place, and browse it with my preferred pager.  Hypertext just gets in
> the way of the information, and there still isn't a hypertext system
> that formats to look as good as man pages.  (And have you ever tried to
> read `all the documentation' on some subject, when said documentation
> is arranged as an arbitrary directed graph of fifty nodes of two pages
> each?)

I find Texinfo to be OK.  Using Emacs, it's easier to read than
manpages (although TkMan is wonderful, so I don't mind reading
manpages).  It also prints out nicely (it's annoying that it's awkward
to get PostScript fonts, but presumably they'll fix that one day), and
(and here I agree entirely with Zefram) it's easy to get the whole
manual, and easy to read the whole thing from beginning to end.  (It's
possible for sadists to produce manuals where you can't do this, but it
requires deliberate malice.)

If I had to pick *one* format, I'd choose Texinfo, but using yodl (so
we can get multiple formats) seems to work fine.

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