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Re: Man pages missing

<>There are no *.1 files in zsh-3.1.1. I did a find search and zippo files
<>that end in .1.
<Are we looking at the same file?
<% tar tvzf zsh-3.1.1-beta.tar.gz | grep '\.1$'
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator   910 Dec 21 02:35 1996 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/ansi2knr.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  7453 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zsh.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator   7444 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshall.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  50450 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshbuiltins.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  18455 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshcompctl.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  34714 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshexpn.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  41583 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshmisc.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  26969 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshoptions.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  25029 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshparam.1
<-rw-r--r-- hzoli/operator  32860 Jan 27 23:38 1997 zsh-3.1.1/Doc/zshzle.1
<% md5 zsh-3.1.1-beta.tar.gz
<MD5 (zsh-3.1.1-beta.tar.gz) = f16415642314fe17d8c9c0c6823f56f4

Interesting.  The tar file that I have does indeed have the files there,
but they are gone from my directory.  Did make somewhere along the line
remove them?  To answer that I went looking at the Doc/Makefile and found:

clean: mostlyclean
        rm -f *.$(manext)
        rm -f *.y$(manext) *.ytexi paths.yo

I've done a "make clean" from the top level because I recompiled with a
different CFLAGS.

So, I'm not seeing things.  This is an error.  Configure should not erase
the .1 man pages if the user doesn't have yodl to rebuild them.

Now I have to pull them from the tar file.

<>Then I must be seeing things.  The few .yo files that I sampled sure looked
<>like they had flavors of nroff and TeXinfo in them.  It looks like this:
<>COMMENT(--- man page headers ---)
<>  NOTRANS(.TH ")ARG1" "ARG2" "ARG3" "ARG4"\
<Bad choice of sample.  Look in the Zsh/ subdirectory, where the real
<documentation is.

Yes and no.  As I mentioned in my posting, if one needs to add a new nroff
or TeX function, one has to edit these yodl macros (I assume they are macros)
to add the new functions.  This means one has to know nroff/TeX/texinfo and
now yodl.  It is true that this should habe to happen very often, but it
could still happen.

All we are going to agree on is that we disagree.

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