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Re: Man pages missing

>>>>>>> Vidiot == <brown@xxxxxxxx> writes:

 Vidiot> Perl is a bad example, since there are books available in
 Vidiot> your local book store.  Zsh has no such book and really needs
 Vidiot> one.

Sorry, but I have to disagree.  I just started learning perl, and
while I'm sure there are nuances I'll miss, the layout of the perl man
pages is very helpful in learning the basic metaphors and many of the
specifics.  And using the perl man pages in emacs is a breeze: Just go
to the main page, and use some keystrokes as a quick navigation tool.
Emacs will also follow references to other man pages (though, like
info, it won't position you to the specific referenced thing on a
longish page).

HTML would be okay as long as there are indexes and tables of contents.

Jim Crigler <crigler@xxxxxxx>
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