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Re: Stupid question: how to get accents in zsh?

On Feb 16 97, Vincent Lefevre <Vincent.Lefevre@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I can't seem to get accented characters in zsh, I tried:
> > 
> > export LC_CTYPE=iso_8859_1
> > export LANG=iso_8859_1
> Here, LANG mustn't be defined.

OK, I did that.

> > stty cs8 -istrip
> Try:
> stty -parenb -istrip cs8

Did that too..

> Look also at your terminal settings. For instance, if you use xterm,
> eightBitOutput must be true.

That's defined in my .Xresources 

> > I looked everywhere in zsh-doc, but I can't find any builtin.
> I don't think it comes from zsh. Try another shell (e.g. sh), and
> try "cat". Do you get 8-bit chars in those cases?

If I 'chsh' to bash, 8 bit characters work fine even without doing any
of the above... I'm a bit lost on that one. Now I remember that at some
point they worked when I had compiled and installed zsh myself, and they
stoped working since I switched to the Debian zsh package.

Anyway thanks a lot for your help, I'll keep trying but really don't
understand what's going on, especially with bash working and zsh not.



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