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Re: grouping in patterns in extended compctl

On Mon 24 Feb 97, zefram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> John Harres wrote:
> >   'c[-2,add][-2,delete][-2,modify][-2,query] c[-1,volume] s[-] , s[-m_]' -k
>  volparams -- sc
> >
> You could repeat the "c[-2,...] c[-1,volume]" part after the comma.
After some refinement, that line is now:

   'w[1,add][1,delete][1,modify][1,query] w[2,volume] s[-] , 
w[1,add][1,delete][1,modify][1,query] w[2,volume] s[-m_]' -k volparams -

which doesn't seem to work for the -m_ stuff.  I was just hoping that there
was an easier way of handling this, since this is just the first one for the

dbobj=(cycle cyclev device file finss gidmap history host job license location 
ediatype osref pool poolacl rack saveacl saveset slot uidmap volacl volalias 
ume wo woparam xgid xuid)

> >This could end up being one of the longest compctl's ever built!
> Have you looked at the gcc compctl in Misc/compctl-examples?

Yes, I have, and I still stand by my statement.  This program was originally
written by some VMS people who converted it to UNIX, thus it's quite verbose
in its options.

Thanks for the help.  Any ideas why the -m_ doesn't work?  Maybe because the
previous s[-] is a prefix of [-m_] ?  Workarounds?

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