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zsh and 4DOS

>From time to time I have to reboot my computer from Linux and drop to
W95. Being addicted to the command-line I work 90% in a DOS box and with
the 4DOS command intrepreter the experience is not too bad. 4DOS is a
really nice DOS shell, nearly as good as bash (zsh is untouchable:).

Two of its features are really nice:

- CTRL-PgUp or PgDown pops-up a window at the top corner of the screen
  (curses-like) which enables you to cycle through the directory stack
  with the arrow keys.

- PgUp or PgDown pops-up a history window in the same way. IMHO is't
  useful to actually _see_ your history without blindly keying the
  arrows. I know: the fc command... but this one clears your screen by
  scrolling it up, a temporary pop-up is better.

Oh, another nice feature: you can specify a minimum history entry size,
say 3 characters, to avoid cluttering your history list with small

Flame me if zsh already has this last one: I didn't find it in the docs.


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