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Re: problem from NeXTStep 3.3 rlogin to SunOS 4.1.4

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Timothy J. Luoma wrote:

> When I rlogin to my SUN account from my NeXT, I have been "losing"  
> output.  Most often it happens with 'ls' or 'cat' where the command  
> runs but nothing comes to the screen.  If I feed it to 'less' that  
> works.

I can only confirm, that it happens. It happens with _rlogin_ (and not
with _rsh_). It is not limited to NeXT. I have two SVR4 based systems -
one is based on original SVR4.0.3 for i386 (SINIX-L), other on DC/OSx from
Pyramid (SINIX-N).

rlogin SINIX-N -> SINIX-L works O.K. 
rlogin SINIX-L -> SINIX-N shows the above problem. It is not always the
whole output lost - sometimes I see only the first line of `ls' output;
sometimes the `CR NL' after prompt is lost, that is:
% ls
 results in
% ls....... (first line of ls output).

It seems to depend on output size - `ls -l' have no problems.

`cat' OTOH works. 

I actually have no clues, except supposing some bugs in system. If anybody
have the ideas, how this could be debugged - much thanks in advance.


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