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Re: Exiting zsh with jobs in background

"Hrv" == Hrvoje Niksic <hniksic@xxxxxxx> writes:

st> Is there any way to turn off the "zsh: you have running jobs."
st> message that appears when you try to exit zsh with jobs in the
st> background?  I have the "nohup" option set so that zsh won't kill
st> those jobs, but I'd like to be able to exit the shell without
st> being nagged about running jobs.

Hrv> There is no way to turn it off.  I once posted a patch that made
Hrv> zsh behave like bash in that respect (i.e. not to warn about
Hrv> running job when nohup is set), but it was rejected.

On the small number of occasions I actually i) log out, and ii) have
jobs running, and hence get the warning, I just disown them.

If I was really keen, maybe I'd have done something in .zlogout to
disown all my running jobs.


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