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Re: strange behaviour with .zsh and su

> Timothy Luoma <luomat@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > The zshenv file includes a loop which sources any file found in
> > $HOME/Unix/zsh/source, so I have several files in there:
> I don't know why shell writers insist on using several init files.
> The .login/.zshprofile/.zshlogin file isn't sourced every time you'd need it
> (typically, it's not sourced from an XDM login), so you need to move stuff from
> there into zshenv.
> On another hand, a variable indicating whether the shell is a login shell is
> necessary (and sadly missing from tcsh).

I think zsh's method for startup files is the most logical
of all the common shells.

.zshenv  -- invoked on every startup
.zshrc   -- invoked for interactive shells
.zlogin  -- invoked for login shells
.zlogout -- invoked on logout

This give you complete flexibility.  I wouldn't want all
that stuff in a single file.  Of course you need to might
sure things are in the right file, but you only need to
do that once.


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