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Re: German Umlauts still dont work

Duncan Sinclair <sinclair@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I think the problem needs to be defined better.  Are your umlauts
> dissappearing entirely (a zsh problem) or are they being meta-ized
> (\M-? - an OS problem), or perhaps they are coming through, but
> your terminal emulator can't display them correctly (a S.O.L.
> problem)?

The umlauts disappear entirely > a zsh problem.

> Now if NextStep can only do "C" (isprint()) or "next" (NXisprint),
> then that's fine if that's all your using.  But if your terminal
> emulator can only do iso_8859_1, like xterm, then your screwed
> when it comes to displaying any non-ascii nextstep characters.
> (Unless there's a specially hacked Next xterm that understands
> its charset?)

With NEXTSTEP you generally use other  (GUI standalone) terminal  
emulators than xterm which work correctly with NEXTSTEP'S character  
set. AFAIK there's no alternative to xterm if you want to use it  
with zsh.

Therefore, see my suggestion in my other mail to use NXIsPRint by  
default and still have a "printeightbit" option.

> I would guess this isn't the problem, or else you wouldn't be
> complaining just about zsh, but about everything.

Let it put this way: zsh at least is able to deal with lower case  
umlauts. sh can't handle umlauts at all. Still, it's a problem of  
the specific shell program.

> If you think it's a zsh problem, can zsh glob filenames with
> these characters properly: "echo *"?
> Can you type these characters, is the problem only in completion?
> Do other programs, such as "ls" or "less" have problems?

No matter what I do, capital umlauts always are ignored in zsh output.



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