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Re: backward-word with hpterm??

Marco Kattannek <marcok@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:if my cuestion is a FAQ, I apologize.
:I can not use the curser-keys for zsh-line-editing in a hpterm. ^B and
:^F do work, but the curser-keys confuse everything. Is this a limitation
:( feature ? ) of the hpterm. Can I change the zsh-behaviour? 
:Or do I have to change the stty's?
:I suppose that I can do nothing about it, except not using hpterms.
:Therefor I stoped searching for a solution, and ask this cuestion in this

What happens when you press the cursor keys?

This might help:
on the zsh command line, for each arrow key, press CTRL-V then the arrow key
Then edit your .zshrc or /etc/zshrc and add

bindkey -e
bindkey " " up-line-or-history		# up-arrow
bindkey " " down-line-or-history	# down-arrow
bindkey " " forward-char		# right-arrow
bindkey " " backward-char		# left-arrow
         ^ instead of space, put whatever you noted on the command line for
	   each arrow.

The above is for emacs bindings.
If you want vi bindings, change "bindkey -e" to "bindkey -v", and the names are
up-history , down-history , vi-forward-char , vi-backward-char

In a bindkey command, escapes which look like "^[" on the command line can
be either a literal escape or the two characters ^ and [ 
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