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read builtin

I'm confused.  (not that that's very suprising...)

I'm trying to write a script to automate some tasks here for others who
have a problem remembering all of the command line switches.  So, I'm
making it output questions, and reading responces back in.  I'm trying to
do this with the read builtin.

My first attempt is:

read DIRE?'What directory do you want them to use? [full path] '

This errors out with No matches found DIRE?That...

According to the docs:

`read [ -rzpqAclneE ] [ -k [NUM] ] [ -uN ] [ NAME?PROMPT ] [ NAME ... ]'
     If the first argument contains a `?', the remainder of this word is
     used as a `prompt' on standard error when the shell is
     interactive.  The exit status is `0' unless an end-of-file is

What am I doing wrong?


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