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bindkey -v features, that i miss/don't see

hi comrades again,

in a book about ksh-programming i wrote about this feature:

create a file named _x
and then invoke it with @x which then does the execution.
this is not possible but in ksh it is, when invoking set -o vi.

(yes, i know, there are other ways to get things like that, but
 perhaps there are more people using emacs-mode.
 of course , what i want is in vi-mode only.)
 i am so used to the vi -typing that i now use bindkey -v :)
 another thing: bindkey -v does not have many bindings when compared
 to emacs-mode. i would like to know what others have included in their
 .zshbindings -file. do you all stick with the features, which are default
 when using bindkey -v.
 if not, which ones did you use , which are default in emacs-mode or
 even not in emacs-mode default ?

 one thing that i like is incremental-search , so i did one binding for
 vi-mode here and so on... (just curiosity, but i don't want to miss
 a precious feature because that is not in default)

(this message came from Hamburg/Germany)

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