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Re: zsh as root login

Bruce Stephens <B.Stephens@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Marc.Baudoin@xxxxxxxxxxx said:
> > That's not what I meant.  Basically, I want to do :
> > ./configure; make; make install
> > and end with a dynamic zsh in /usr/local/bin and a static one in /
> > bin.  The man pages and info files can be installed only one time in /
> > usr/local. 
> Yeah, but how many other people want that?  I think you're better off making 
> and installing it once normally, into /usr/local, and then configuring and 
> building a static version for /bin and installing that by hand.

Agreed.  But I'm curious as to why you (Marc Baudoin) even want zsh
statically linked.  I prefer to keep root dead simple, using /bin/sh without
evan a .profile.  In an emergency, I can (almost) always login as root.  For
day to day administration, I have a second root account (uid 0 but a
different login name) which has zsh and a full set of startup files as its
login shell.

And by the way, I install zsh as /bin/zsh, dynamically linked.

What's wrong with:

        ./configure ; make ; make install
        rm Src/zsh
        make LDFLAGS='-static' ; make install bindir='/bin'

One set of object files, dynamic zsh in /usr/local/bin, static zsh in /bin,
and no changes to the zsh distribution.


Tim Writer                                              Tim.Writer@xxxxxxxxxx
FTL Solutions Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

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