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Re: compleation help

> I'm starting to mess with completion.  (God help us all)
> Could someone mail me some well commented example compleations?
> Specifically programable ones.  My first task is figuring out how to
> complete out of the passwd file account names.  (It'd be nice for root to
> be able to complete the passwd command...  As I spend at least 10 minutes
> each day reseting forgotten passwords... <sigh>)
> Thanks for your time;
> Jason
i am messing with it , too. it is good to look at the 
compctl-examples, that i think come with the beta-version of zsh3.

but i am wondering, if there has been someone, who did something
like the  completion-editor for the tcsh.
(well it could have been a configuration-editor for the tcsh, i might
be wrong, it has been written in tcl/tk, but i don't have the name
right now) 


(this message came from Hamburg/Germany)

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