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Re: bash-like completion?

wsldanke@xxxxxxxxx said:
> Is it possible to do this in a global manner? Using compctl or 
> setopt, but not just for specific commands.

> And what about an easier way to affect completion after command line 
> flags? All this compctl gibberish is very nice, but hardly user 
> friendly. I'm getting a bit tired to man zshcompctl all the time. 
> Perhaps a gnucomp builtin/function? That would make it easier to 
> change the completion behaviour for commands which use standard 
> GNU-style options. 

Yeah, this would be nice.  Presumably this is kind of related to the EQUALS 
option, but for completion.  Also, for these particular options, then the 
brand new -/ flag is better than the -f flag, since these are all supposed to 
be directories.  (Or it will be, once everybody has a zsh which supports "-/".)

This would be nice for commands like make, too, where make variable 
assignments are often filenames (not necessarily directory names, though).  Or 
can this be done easily already?

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