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Equivalent of complete=enhance in tcsh

Hi everyone,

Does zsh has the equivalent of tcsh's "complete" variable ? It is very
usefule when used with the value "enhance" because case is not significant
when completing filenames... Very handy.

       If the  complete  shell  variable  is  set  to  `enhance',
       completion  1)  ignores  case  and  2)  considers periods,
       hyphens and underscores (`.', `-' and `_') to be word sep-
       arators  and  hyphens and underscores to be equivalent. If
       you had the following files

           comp.lang.c      comp.lang.perl   comp.std.c++
           comp.lang.c++    comp.std.c

       and typed `mail -f c.l.c[tab]', it would be  completed  to
       `mail -f comp.lang.c', and ^D would list `comp.lang.c' and
       `comp.lang.c++'.   `mail   -f   c..c++[^D]'   would   list
       `comp.lang.c++'    and    `comp.std.c++'.    Typing    `rm
       a--file[^D]' in the following directory

           A_silly_file                         a-hyphenated-file

       would  list  all  three files, because case is ignored and
       hyphens and underscores are equivalent. Periods,  however,
       are not equivalent to hyphens or underscores.

[ Cc: any answer as I'm not on this list, Thanks ]
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