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emacs-forward-word broken on linux

Curiousity (zsh-3.0.[45]): Is there a known reason for which emacs
forward word (bound to ESCf and ESCF) would work differently on two
different platforms, namely Linux (Redhat 4.2/2.0.30) and Solaris 2.4?
On the Solaris box, it does what I expect, placing the cursor after
the word, but on the Linux box at home, it goes to the beginning of
the next word.

Caveat: I build it myself on the Solaris box; on Linux I use a version
from sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/distributions/redhat/contrib/i386.
Here's the stuff that I believe is relevent from .zshrc (this portion
is identical on both, note the compctl from the list just today :-):

    if [[ ${+EMACS} = 0 ]] ; then
	bindkey -em       # emacs key bindings
	bindkey "f" emacs-forward-word
	bindkey "F" emacs-forward-word
	# bindkey -v       # vi key bindings
	set no_prompt_cr

    # Eliminate some redundancies
    typeset -U MANPATH=$MANPATH
    typeset -U PATH=$PATH

    # Fixup some completion control
    #   only expand directories for cd and rmdir
    compctl -g '*(-/)' + -g '.*(-/)' + -k '(..)' cd rmdir

    [[ $TERM = dumb ]] && unsetopt zle
    [[ $TERM = emacs ]] && unalias ls

Jim Crigler <crigler@xxxxxxx>
Schwartz Electro-Optics, Inc.   Voice:  (407)298-1802 x200
3404 N. Orange Blossom Trl.       Fax:  (407)290-9666
Orlando FL 32804-3498 USA

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