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Re: ftp problem to zsh-users

Andres Gomez Navarro <agn@xxxxxxxxx> typed:
:	 I have a ftp problem: When I use ftp to a zhs-user it appears the message:  
: 530 User xxxxx access denied
:Login failed.
:and I can not reach the user. It does not matter if the origin-user is csh or zsh, but if the destination is zsh-user the problem always appears.

I'm guessing what you're trying to do is ftp in to a machine where the user
has a login shell of zsh?
If so, ftp daemons require (or everyone I know of in practice) that the user
have a shell listed in /etc/shells (normal placement).  
Look in `ftpd' man page.  You probably need to add "/usr/local/bin/zsh" (or
whatever on the target machine).

:	Other annoyance is with the 'man', not all the commands are available
:for the 'man'  from the zhsell (v.g. f77 has not man page form zhsell, in cshell yes).

Look in `man' man page.  man might use an environmental variable MANPATH
which is set differently between your shells.  You probably want to set it
in $HOME/.zshenv
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