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for syntax differences from ksh

	i wrote the following function in ksh to easily add directories 
to my path.  it worked fine there, but when i try to use it in zsh, it fails.

addpath () {
for pathdir in $*; do
   if test -d $pathdir; then

	in my .zshenv, this fn is then called with a list of dirs as its 
argument (actually, the line is
addpath $pathlist
where pathlist is defined as the list of dirs, separated by spaces).  the 
for loop, which in ksh interprets the list of dirs as a list, works fine, 
in zsh instead interprets the list as one large directory name; the test 
-d then fails, and no dirs are added to the path.  so what is the proper 
syntax for doing this?  and is there someplace that lists the 
logic/syntax for the various shell operators in zsh, and how they differ 
from ksh?  i've picked up a few, through trial and error, but haven't yet 
found a good reference.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author