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Re: zsh and history

> Is there an option (or is this planed)
> that process history lines like tcsh 
> % set histfile = ~/.history
> % set histdup  = erase
> % set history  = 1000
> % set savehist = (  900  merge )
> This means i have an history file of 1000 lines
> Each time a tcsh dies it save at most 900 lines
> AND the most important :
> Each time I write a new line, if it is already 
> in the history (eg line 233) then line 233 is
> erased and the new line is pushed in the history
> This means ALL the commands in my history are unique.
> I have only found the Zsh Optin : HIST_IGNORE_DUPS

There's also the option appendhistory which you should set.  It's
possible, even so, that it doesn't quite do what you want:  at least,
there have been complaints about the behviour when saving multiple
sessions.  If it still doesn't, complain again (preferably with
examples of how it differs) and I'll have a look at the history code.

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