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-x r[...] and exec callback

Hi there.

I have two problems; at least one may be an FAQ, but i'll send it here

1) completion control.
compctl -k "(foo foobar foox fu)" \
	-x "r[foo,;]" -f \
	- "r[fu,;]" -k "(bla)" \
	-- gazonk

doesn't do what one would expect. "r[x,y]" seems to activate when the
current word is 'x', too.

gazonk f<tab> shows the correct completions, foo, foobar, foox and fu.
gazonk foo<tab> shows all files, but imho should show foo and foox.
gazonk fu<tab> should complete fu and insert a space, but just stops
and beeps.

Is there any way to solve this? 

2) callback on exec

I want zsh to call a function, or at least print some specified text
(like a prompt) precisely before running a command. (To change the
title of my xterm to what it does right now.)

Is there any way to do that? 

Yes, i've checked out "POSTEDIT".

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