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Re: zsh lists being used for spam-gathering?

Sweth Chandramouli wrote:
>	i've been playing recently with the parameter expansion features of ls 

ls doesn't do any parameter expansion.

>in zsh, and have been totally blown away by them.  as far as i can tell, they do 
>almost everything that find can do

I suppose you must be talking about zsh globbing?

>using them (in backquotes) as the input for a for-do loop),

I'm not sure precisely what you mean here, but if you're doing something

for f in `ls *(wibble)`

then you should change it to

for f in *(wibble)

which saves a process, and a pipe, and will handle special characters

>the faster execution of the ls verison be offset by the time to load zsh if i 
>were to make all of my ksh scriptfiles into zsh verisons instead?

Not if you link zsh statically and set its sticky bit.

Really, with demand-loading, particularly if you use zsh's module feature
(3.1+), there shouldn't be a great deal of difference.  I suggest you


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