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Chronology (was Re: %B%~%b bug in $PROMPT in 3.1.5 ?)

On Jan 5,  7:55am, Richard Coleman wrote:
} Subject: Re: %B%~%b bug in $PROMPT in 3.1.5 ?
} > Some years ago it became a goal of several of the most active zsh
} > contributors to make zsh capable of acting as a replacement for /bin/sh,
} > and particularly for ksh.  I griped about this repeatedly for some time,
} > but they had the support of the archive maintainer so I eventually gave
} > up and ignored zsh development for a long while.

I've been gently reminded that my chronology is flawed.  I did indeed quit
paying much attention to zsh from late 2.4 to late 2.6, but in reviewing
the situation I find that griping about ksh compatibility changes was what
got me involved again, not what drove me away.

Reviewing a few extremely old email messages, I find that it was setopt
incompatibilities that finally stopped me from using the later 2.4s and
on through 2.5.  Those setopt changes were designed to promote Bourne
shell (not ksh) compatibility, by disabling a number of csh features,
and caused syntax errors in many people's rc files at my site.

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