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Online programing contest

Hello fellow programmers,
	We want to reach out to the best programmers around and what better 
place to find them then in the numerous mailing lists of software being
developed by diverse people from all parts of the globe. We donot intend to 
spam people or to take up there precious time. This is just to bring to your
notice a unique oppurtunity to pit your skills against thousands of programmers 
who like you love programming and a good challenge.

we apologize if this mail caused you any inconvenience.

The battle for programming supremacy is on...
Information regarding the competition follows...

Oracle Hello World Wide Web invites programmers and hackers from all over
the world to pit their skills against each other in a battle for
programming supremacy!  This is a synchronous algorithm-intensive
programming contest scheduled for Saturday, January 23, 1999 and all you
have to do to participate is register online at


The intensively algorithm based problems for this contest will be made
public at one specified time on the Internet. A huge bandwidth line will
get the incoming entry programs (by e-mail) on to the high processor-speed
IBM machines at VSNL (India's biggest ISP). A fully automated mechanism
achieved through evaluation programs on these IBM servers will run these
programs on a series of input files. Depending on the number of files on
which the correct output is obtained successfully, it will determine the
score. An automated e-mail to the respective user will inform him of his
score and the time remaining for the contest to close. After the close of
the contest, the evaluation program will stop accepting further solution
programs and the winners will be declared to the world. 

So gear up for hours of algorithms, programming, adrenalin, and of course, a
LOT of coffee!

And please try to spread this information in and around your
institution/colleagues/friends helping us to getting more and more enthusiasts for
the contest.

Oracle Hello World Wide Web Contest at Techfest'99.
visit techfest at : http://bart.aero.psu.edu/~techfest

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